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Chronicles of an IT guy over-wintering in the Kerguelen islands


Hello there! I am Paul, a network engineer since 2017 and I have created this blog in order to share my over-wintering in the Kerguelen islands, firstly to my friends and family but also to all of those that are interested, be it future over-winterers or just some curious people !

Indeed, I have been selected by the french polar Institute to go the Kerguelen island for one year as part of the 72 mission there, which will start mid-November 2021 and will finish mid-December 2022.

Carte des sub-antarctique ©

Carte des sub-antarctique ©

My missions there will be diverse, my main mission will be to maintain and deploy the network and servers that are there but I will also be responsible (with the electronician) of numerous scientific programs that I will explain in a later post. In this blog you will find information and pictures of my life there, lost in the south of the Indian Ocean.

Enjoy 😄

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